Pakistanis demand Nobel Literature Prize for their Army Chief for writing Imran Khan's eloquent speeches

05, Mar 2019 By @jurnoleast

After asking for Nobel Peace Prize for Imran Khan, citizens of the country are now demanding that their Army Chief too be given a Nobel Prize. Apparently, Pakistanis want that Gen. Bajwa be given Nobel Prize in literature for ‘writing eloquent speeches’ for PM Imran Khan.

Last week, Imran Khan addressed the citizens of his country post the aerial attacks on Balakot. The speech was appreciated by many Pakistanis. In neighboring India too there were many takers for his speech to the nation. Some even termed it statesmanlike.

Overwhelmed with the compliments he received, a modest Imran credited his speech to the Army Chief. While speaking to Faking News reporter from Islamabad, PM Khan said, “I am grateful to the Army Chief for writing such wonderful speeches. In fact, I was just there to read out what he had written. That is how it has been happening all along.”

“I am not surprised that the awaam is asking for a Nobel Prize. I have read quite a number of literary works and honestly in my opinion the General’s speech is nothing less than a masterpiece,” he added.

While speaking to the local media the Army Chief expressed his gratitude to the people of Pakistan and said that writing speech for the Wazir-e-Azam was not a cakewalk. Senior officials reveal how Army Chief had to use the 30-day trial version of Word as there was no money to purchase the licensed version.

“But even then he came up with such as well written speech. That itself should earn him the highest military honor of the country,” commented an official.

Many so called liberals from India too voiced similar opinion. “Imran’s speech was one of the best speech I had heard in a long time. Such eloquence embedded with a message for peace. And look at our leaders. Mitron yeh ..mitron woh and the usual caustic remarks on the opposition. Nothing like a statesman. Clearly not befitting the PM of the largest democracy,” remarked Saarika Ghosh, senior journalist with a leading media house.