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Panic grips Delhi after a voodoo doll of Kejriwal was found outside Modi's residence

30, Jul 2016 By manithan

New Delhi: Panic has gripped the capital city and the whole of country, after a tormented voodoo doll resembling Arvind Kejriwal was found outside the residence of Narendra Modi.

The voodoo doll that has spooked Delhi
The voodoo doll that has spooked Delhi

It was a regular morning for Buntu, who used to pick rags on the roads. Despite tightened security outside Prime Minister’s residence in 7 Race Course Road, Buntu was always allowed to pick old clothes, thrown away items by the security personnel and also some food to eat from the patrols.

But he did not realise that he will be appearing in news channels across the country in a matter of minutes.

With a shocked expression, Buntu was recalling what he saw today morning, “I went near one of the trash boxes outside Modiji’s residence. Below piles of papers, I noticed a doll. At first, I felt it must have been toy of some children nearby. But, when I took the doll, it had many pins stuck to it. I felt that it might be some objects of dark magic. So, I dropped it and ran to the security personnel. And then, it became news.”

Inspecting the doll, local black magic Expert, Kalida Johnson, said, “There is no doubt that this is a voodoo doll. And, it is more shocking to know that the doll was made to torment or punish our beloved CM. As per my inspection, I had found out that the doll must be atleast two years old. It had been inked, slapped, beaten by shoes and tortured by pins on head and throat. Now, you could correlate this with what happened to Kejriwal. He too was inked, slapped, had a shoe thrown at him. And, he was suffering from incessant cough. Recently, we were baffled by his decisions. We were feeling bad that he has gone berserk. But, it was not his problem. Someone from PM’s residence had been controlling him and torturing him all these days.”

“I will disentangle the part of Kejriwal’s soul from this doll and will take steps to destroy this doll,” finished Kalida and started chanting some verses, sprinkling water over the doll.

An agitated AAP spokesperson shouted into the mic, “When our leader was claiming that Modi was not allowing him to work, people were mocking him. But, did you see what happened really? Modi was controlling Kejriwal for the past two years. Not only control, he was also doing all sorts of torture to Kejriwal. Now, Modi is coming to finish all of us. When we shouted, ‘Modi, please let us work’, it wasn’t a lie. It was the truth – Modi was preventing Kejriwal from working.”

Meanwhile, further reports say that another voodoo doll modeled after another AAP leader Ashutosh was found near Kejriwal lookalike voodoo doll. “All the pins were in that doll’s hands. That explains the mistakes in Ashutosh’s tweets,” commented an Expert.

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