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Panjab University students worried that they will have to study after latest rankings

04, Oct 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

Chandigarh. Students of Panjab University are slightly worried these days. The reason behind their unease is the Times Higher Education’s (THE) World University Rankings list 2013-14.

As per the list, Panjab University is the highest ranked Indian University, ahead of the much acclaimed IITs, and this has left many students of PU in shock.

Sleeping Student
A representational picture of a Panjab University student studying

Jasmeet from Law department said, “Yaar why didn’t they let us enjoy our lives in the obscurity of mediocrity? Now my parents are telling me to study hard now that our university is the highest ranked university in the country. They even expect us to attend classes now, Nonsense!”

Another student Saurabh from the MBA department said, “We knew this is the best university in India. You drive around, look at girls, play cricket, eat at student center, go to hostel, get drunk, sleep and get an MBA degree at the end of 2 years.”

“But now that this burden of being the highest ranked institute has been placed on our head, I am sure it will have an impact on our enjoyment,” he added.

Abey Philip Kotler is some cricketer kya?” Saurabh was later heard by this reporter.

While many insist that needless tension has been created with the rankings, not everyone is upset though.

Rajan, who has been doing MA in Political science for the last 5 years said, “Earlier, my family members used to ask me how long will I stay here to complete my degree. Now they want me to stay here as long as possible so that they can keep boasting to our relatives that I study in India’s No. 1 institute.”

While students are divided, Panjab University alumni group is unanimous in welcoming the latest ranking, mostly because they don’t feel the pressure of studying more. But there are some genuinely happy alumni too.

Dr. Manmohan Singh, the most famous alumnus of PU, is especially reported to be happy as this much needed boost has come after his cabinet’s ordinance was called nonsense and his Pakistani counterpart called him a dehati aurat.

Meanwhile, Lovely Professional University, Ludhinana (LPU) is planning to drop the “L” from their name to promote themselves as the best university in India.