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Paralyzed man lying on hospital bed for years is miraculously cured after hearing about his medical expenses

20, Jul 2018 By @jurnoleast

Delhi resident Ashish Verma was admitted to a private hospital few years ago following an attack of paralysis that left him immobile.

Mr. Verma who had not moved a muscle since he took to the hospital bed, today stood up on his feet and walked out after the hospital read out his medical expenses, which amounts to around a crore.

Doctors who have been trying to cure the patient were surprised to see the recovery.

Faking News reporter spoke to Dr. Jhunjunwala, who has been treating Ashish since paralysis struck him 2 years ago. “I tried every known medicine on the planet. We even gave him a few ‘jadoo ki jhappi’ hoping that he would come out of his paralytic state. But nothing worked.”

“And just the other day I was discussing his medical expenses which include medicines, doctors visit, pathology tests etc, and apparently the patient overheard our conversation. Just moments later we saw him coming back to life,” said the doctor.

Medical fraternity however is not surprised and many senior doctors attributed it to shock therapy. “He probably got a shock after hearing about his hospital bill. This must have acted as a trigger,” said Dr. Asthana.

With the patient now completely cured, the aforementioned hospital has added another feather to its cap. Previously the hospital received an award for sending maximum number of patients for unnecessary medical tests.

But not many in the hospital are happy with the developments. An assistant doctor who was treating Mr. Verma all these years was depressed at the thought of lettign his patient go. “He was my cash cow. I had taken a housing loan and car loan with him as the guarantee. Now how will I pay those hefty EMI’s, ” said the panic stricken doctor.