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Parents celebrating son’s 2nd rank, change Paneer to bitter gourd curry after knowing neighbor’s son got 1st rank

18, Nov 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Professor Sharma and his wife wanted to throw a surprise party on behalf of their son Ayush getting second rank in school in GK Olympiad. Though it was a small house party, Mr. and Mrs. Sharma did not leave any stone unturned in the preparation. They had invited all the families staying in their apartment.

However, Sharma couple did not know their immediate neighbor Amitesh Varma’s daughter Anisha has got first rank in the Karnataka zone. The cook who is common to both the families disclosed this to Mrs. Sharma who was busy preparing the masala for the gravy she was planning to use in Paneer curry.

After hearing the ‘sad’ news, Mrs. Sharma lost all the glow in her face she had accumulated over last two days by using Olay White Radiance Advanced Fairness cream. After throwing the masala in the dustbin, she called Professor Sharma who had gone to market to get fresh & tender Paneer cubes for the party.

While speaking to us Mr. Sharma told, “I had called my friends from office. All of them consider my son as the best in this area. Now how we will handle Anisha’s parents. They will speak so highly about their daughter, that too in my party. Party ka maza hi chala gaya”.

“In my party, the parents whose kids have not appeared Olympiad exam they will ask Ayush’s zonal rank. It is 62 to Anisha’s number 1. I Can’t stand in a party where my son has come so far below. I am having little bit of headache from morning. Let me take rest”, said Mrs. Sharma while going towards bedroom wiping her tears.    

At the end, Sharma couple decided to let the party happen as guests were about to arrive. Only change is Paneer will be replaced by bitter gourd curry.

Party went smoothly. No one talked about any rank, finished most of the dishes and went home to catch latest big boss happenings. Sharma family was left with bitter gourd dish to finish.