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Parents worried as boy does not to get bat in gully cricket even after having his own bat

05, Nov 2016 By Mayur Choudhari

Friday came with a long weekend and festivities for most of the country. However, for Mr. and Mrs. Bansal, it brought shock and disbelief. Their son, Ritesh, who has toppled ‘Sharmaji ka Ladka’ as the benchmark of good scores and conduct for all the parents of the society was not able to bat in the gully cricket that went under on Thursday evening.

gully cricket

It all started when the doting parents decided that it was time their son realized the value of making unreasonable demands by holding something or someone on ransom. With the scuffle for the release and the subsequent brokering by the state government for ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil‘, Mr. Bansal could foresee the value of this skill in the future. So they took the first step and bought their son a MRF bat with the condition that they could see him fight for his chance as they watch him from their balcony.

Things however, took a turn for the worst when instead of getting the batting, Ritesh was beaten up by the batsmen on strike using his own MRF bat, to the utter disdain and disbelief of the Bansals. Mr. Bansal has decided to take up the matter in the upcoming society general body meeting. A formal complaint has also been lodged against the batsmen.

Speaking to our correspondent, Mr.Bansal said that just like bursting crackers on Diwali, getting to bat with your own bat was a tradition which symbolized the art of persistence in the Indian culture. He urged the people respect this sentiment and make efforts to preserve this art form. He demanded severe action against those who did not respect the tradition. Social media is in an upheaval in support of Mr. Bansal with a petition by some even demanding for inclusion of this skill in the school curriculum.

Meanwhile, Mr.Bansal has now reportedly decided on teaching his son the art of social media patriotism. The prospect seems exciting as Ritesh has already learnt his first rhetoric as a response to a post by a social activist. His post read, “Soldiers are dying at the border and you’re worried about farmers.”

We hope this does not turn out to be another catastrophe for the Bansal offspring and he soars far and high with his new passion.