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Parliament adjourned over ruckus after Congress MP reveals GoT spoiler, BJP says its a ploy to divert attention from Chopper scam

04, May 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Parliament was adjourned yet again today after Congress MP revealed a spoiler from the latest season of popular show Game of Thrones.

The one that caused disruption of the Parliament
The one that caused disruption of the Parliament

Chaotic scenes were witnessed after MP’s from both parties took jumped into the well of the house and started shouting slogans.

Sources say the problem started after a Congress MP Whatsapped a GoT spoiler to all MPs who were present in the Parliament, leading to strong protests by other MPs.

“We have formed a Whatsapp group of all members of parliament to keep us abreast of the latest jokes and forwards on social media. It helps when Parliament discussions get boring. But today it was misused by a Congress member and we strongly object to this. We cannot let the Parliament run like this,” screamed a member of the ruling party while speaking to reporters, just minutes after the adjournment.

Sources say that Speaker of the House too reprimanded the Congress MP and warned that members would be expelled from the Parliament if they fail to abide by the unwritten rules of GoT.

“Our constitution provides freedom of expression but there are exceptions like in this case. Members are supposed to behave with some sense of responsibility and as the Speaker I have the full right to throw any one out for violating rules of the house,” said the speaker while speaking exclusively to Faking News.

BJP however said the spoiler revelation was just another excuse by Congress to divert attention away from the chopper scam. “They are desperate. I mean first they tried to corner Modiji with the gas scam. When that couldn’t hold, they have now stooped to this level. But we will prove their culpability,” said Sambit Patra from BJP, as he prepped himself up for the evening NewsHour debate.

Other BJP leaders too were scathing in their remarks. “Rahul says he loves being targeted but we have proof of his involvement in the scam and if he thinks by disrupting the Parliament he can get away then I have only one thing to say to him, ‘Jail is Coming’,” said Subramaniam Swamy.