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Parliament passes loose motion on corruption with majority

26, Aug 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After almost four decades of severe constipation on the issue, the parliament today passed a historic loose motion on tackling corruption with a thumping majority. Shit flew all around and ultimately hit the roof, as MPs cutting across party lines came together to throw up some monumental bullshit on how to remove corruption and make India a republic of honest officials and inspiring leaders.

“It feels awesome!” said a Lol Sabha member belonging to the ruling coalition as he caressed his stomach that felt much lighter after hours of passing shit, “We are willing to repeat the process once again if the citizens are not satisfied with the outcome.”

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A rule book on bullshitting was given to the MPs before the debate on the motion started

The loose motion was introduced in the lower abdomen house of the parliament by an opposition MP, who argued that if the parliamentarians didn’t pass any shit, the citizens of the country would continue to support any bullshit offered by the civil society as the alternative to fight corruption.

The motion was soon accepted by the house and every member enthusiastically waited for his or her turn to crap on corruption. Some of the members appeared high on laxatives and couldn’t wait for their turn, which caused massive inconvenience to the speaker.

Baith jaaiye, baith ke kariye,” speaker of the Lol Sabha had to request to overenthusiastic MPs, who appeared hell bent on passing shit on corruption.

Shit hit the roof when a “young” member of Lol Sabha, with royal blood in his veins, stood up to lecture on the best practices of taking a dump that must be followed by everyone.

“What crap! Whatever he was saying has been written there on the walls of Sulabh Shauchalaya for ages now, but who follows them?” an opposition MP explained why there was a massive outflow of shit at that point of time.

Things cooled down later as everyone got a chance to bullshit on corruption. Towards the end of the day, the loose motion was adopted by the parliament by a thumping majority with a voice vote, although it was not clear where the voice was coming from.

“It was our inner voice of course, we are serious about fighting corruption,” an MP told Faking News.