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Passenger found watching Big Boss episodes on mobile in local train to keep crowd away from him

04, Oct 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai local trains are called the city’s lifeline for a reason. The number of passengers they carry every day is larger than the population of some countries. You’ll rarely find a Mumbaikar who doesn’t use the local train. But more number of people using it during peak hours makes it an uncomfortable ride with no space between two passengers. But Sanil Jain took this problem heads on and found a solution to deal with it. The 11th season of Big Boss has helped him and many more to tackle the growing crowd in Mumbai locals.


Big Boss 11 has many fans due to the Salman Khan element in it, but it does have many haters too who are bored by the scripted politics shown in the movie. There is a joke going on in Mumbai that to avoid watching Big Boss 11 at home people are taking local train journeys without any purpose to travel. Local trains are already flooded. Sanil Jain who by mistake started an episode of Big Boss on his mobile some days back soon realized that there was no one standing near him while he was watching his mobile. As soon as he ended watching the episode, he was again surrounded by the crowd something similar what is seen regularly in trains. This made him realize that Big Boss is actually a people-repellent and can be used to keep people away.

Sanil has passed on this advice to many friends and the idea has circulated Mumbai at a breath taking speed. Big Boss producers are surely going to be happy by this trend as they are generating good TRP and local passengers are also happy with the space they get to travel now. Western Railway authorities have even decided to install screens showing Big Boss episodes in the train to keep more people entering an already full compartment.