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Passing of blame between BMC and Western Railway over bridge collapse better than passing in world cup football matches: FIFA 

03, Jul 2018 By @jurnoleast

The topmost body in world football today acknowledged that the standard of passing between BMC and Western Railway while blaming each other was way better than what was seen in football matches at World Cup 2018.

Since the bridge collapse at Andheri both BMC and Western Railway are deflecting the responsibility and indulging in passing it between themselves.

Though citizens have criticized this blame game, FIFA seems to have found inspiration.

“Big Teams like Germany and Argentina have struggled with their game because of passing. No wonder they are out of the race now. But there is always room for improvement and these teams should learn something from BMC and WR,” said a highly placed FIFA official.

“Not just for teams that are out, this passing game-play can benefit many of the teams that are about to enter the final stages of the world cup,” he added.

Sources say that media bites of spokesperson of both both BMC and WR were being studied by teams to hone their passing skills.

There were also rumors that the management of the Brazilian team is planning to have these aforementioned spokespersons to have a one-on-one chat with the players.

“Yes that is true. Our team, especially Neymar who is know for his rolling theatrics than actual football, can benefit immensely,” said the assistant coach of Brazil.

Meanwhile, WR and BMC authorities did not confirm traveling to Russia to coach the teams but were visibly pleased with FIFA’s acknowledgement of their skills.