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After paying 40 Rs for two Idlis, man recovers his cost by consuming 4 bowls of 'free' sambar

10, May 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Santhosh P has found a way to tackle growing food inflation. With 40 rupees, nowadays he gets only two ‘humble’ idlis in Udupi restaurants. However, he uses certain smart technique to recover his cost by consuming 4 bowls of ‘free’ sambar.manis-lunch-home

“When I came to Bengaluru five years back, one idli used to cost me 4 rupees. I am not talking about Malls, in a standard Udupi restaurants one idli cost me 20 rupees now. With two Idli, ‘mera kya hoga’, it will not last even couple of signals in heavy Bengaluru traffic”, said Santhosh while speaking to us.

Santhosh added, “Most of the Udupi restaurants have self-service option. While collecting my plate of Idli from counter, I will ask the restaurant person to give me Idli and sambar separately. My calculation says if I have 4 bowls of sambar, then I recover most of my cost leaving little for the restaurant to earn some profit”.

“What one has to do is, start eating little bit of idli, but finish the bowl of sambar as soon as you have. Next time as you walk-in to counter, looking at the idli quantity on the plate left, the person at the counter gives you sambar. Do not rush through quickly, time your visit to counters appropriately”, said Santhosh.

When we asked, there are places where they ask for 5 rupees for one ‘extra’ bowl of sambar, how do you manage there, Santosh said, “Normally I avoid such places. If I cannot, I use extra water to clean myself at wash basins and ‘use’ as many paper napkins I can”.

One of the samosa seller outside a college gate has similar experience. He said, “Sir, students will eat one samosa, but will take 4 servings of teekha green chutney and equal amount of sweet red sauce”,

Udupi Restaurants and samosa sellers have approached Ram Vilas Paswan to come up with a notification about how much sambar or chutney should be given ‘freely’ per idli or samosa, beyond that they should be allowed to collect service charge.