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Peanut seller makes highest profits as companies buy in bulk to distribute to their employees as Diwali bonus

15, Oct 2017 By RT

India. Peanut sellers across the nation make highest profits as companies buy the nuts in bulk. The festival season is the biggest season for the ground nuts business and all types of them are in high demand. Raw, roasted, salted and steamed peanuts are distributed in  several companies as Diwali bonus, it is learnt by Faking News.


“We declare bonus for Diwali year after year. Our bonus has always been the largest in the software industry. From Gift cards to Sodexo coupons, we finally figured out the right Diwali gift for our employees. Variety of peanuts. Our gift box contains imported peanuts to go alongside the global stature of our company. Few employees ask for dry fruits too. For that, we distribute specially made dry grapes, sour or otherwise” a HR manager of an IT firm told Faking News.

“Whatever gift we give, howmuch-ever money we declare, most of the employees used to comment that it is peanuts. That’s when we decided to give out peanuts as Diwali gift. Don’t underestimate the value of the peanuts. When given out from our office, it has the same value that of a large popcorn sold in multiplex. People in Mumbai have bought apartments for the price of a popcorn pack, we are told. Anyway, it would be peanuts from us to all our employees for this Diwali” a 5 year old start-up company told Faking News.

“We care about our employees’ health very much. That is of paramount importance to us. We encourage good eating habits and peanuts is one such step in the healthy direction. We have hired a dietician and cancelled the health insurance policy for all the employees. This is our Diwali gift. We ensure health and not insure it” CEO and Managing Director of another IT firm told Faking News.

Looking at the Diwali bonanza announced by the UP government, a top level executive in a company quit his job and applied for a clerical job in UP, it is learnt by Faking News.