Pen drive not taken out of laptop for 10 days due to errors shown while safely removing it

24, Mar 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. Chintit Chaturvedi, a final year engineering student has refused to pull out his newly bought pen drive from laptop after it showed an error message when he tried to remove it safely, ten days ago.

Chintit’s 8 GB pen drive has virtually become a native hardware as the 22-year-old student is too scared to remove it unless the system tells him “you can now safely remove the hardware”.

Pen Drive
Be humane, remove it safely.

“I bought Tijori just few days back. It is still a child. I can’t be so ruthless and merciless by brutally pulling it out without safely removing it,” said an upset Chintit while talking to Faking News.

He had named his pen drive “Tijori” after attaching it to his laptop for the first time. He couldn’t remove it after that.

“If I remove it unsafely, Tijori’s performance is going to be hampered badly,” Chintit expressed his deepest fears, “If it were a few days older, I wouldn’t have hesitated for a second to pull him out, but it’s his first time. I have to be careful.”

Reportedly, the unfortunate incident happened when Chintit was transferring few exclusive video files to the pen drive to distribute it among his friends.

“I should have avoided transferring those dirty videos to this pure drive. Tijori is suffering due to my sins,” regretted Chintit, while urging God to fix it.

“Once things are back to normal and I am allowed to remove it safely, I will keep a Hanuman Chalisa video permanently in my pen drive,” he offered the deal to God.

Concerned for the health of the drive, Chintit even took his system to a laptop repair shop, but despite using all their expertise, technicians failed to remove the pen drive safely. Eventually they suggested him to either pull the plug or leave it permanently in the system, cutting a hole in the laptop cover to allow for the sticking out pen drive.

But Chintit still believes that one day a miracle would happen and he would be able to remove the pen drive safely.

Meanwhile Chintit’s friends are desperate to remove that pen drive from his system and get those video files. To save the pen drive from getting removed unsafely, Chintit is guarding his system 24X7.

“He is behaving like a child. Sooner or later every pen drive has to face this day, it’s their destiny. But Chintit is not ready to understand this simple truth of a pen drive’s life,” said Chintit’s wise roommate.