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People already bored and done with 2012, survey reveals

01, Jan 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Hours after they greeted each other with “Happy New Year”, an overwhelming proportion of human beings are already bored with the new year, a survey done by Faking News reveals. Even the prediction of the world ending this year has failed to push people into taking any special interest in 2012, which many people believe would be just another boring year like all others gone by.

“I’m done with it,” said Ravish, who is now back to cribbing about office life as tomorrow happens to be a working day, “It’s not even a day into the new year and that bastard (as Ravish refers to his boss) is asking me updates about tomorrow’s meeting.”

Experts believe that the New Year’s Day falling on Sunday, which was anyway a holiday for many, has a major role in making people already bored with 2012.

Happy New Year 2012
Many on Facebook were already untagging themselves from such pictures

“It’s one holiday gone waste, rather it’s like adding another working day to the calendar,” explained an expert holding Thakur Prasad Calendar, “What adds insult to the injury is the fact that 2012 is a leap year – yet another extra working day in office.”

Apart from the New Year’s Day being followed by Monday, many other factors, like a rather ordinary Google doodle reminding people of pending tasks, were also blamed by the experts for the lack of enthusiasm among people in welcoming 2012.

Many people, who had sent SMS greetings to random contacts in their mobile phone book, are now reported to be repenting the impulsive act.

“I realized afterwards that the network operators suspend special SMS packages on such days. Fuck, I wasted at least 1000 rupees on those silly texts!” rued Ankit, whose name couldn’t ring a bell to 43% of the recipients of his new year text messages, with one of them replying back “who is this?”

“There are reports of petrol prices being increased on Monday. With the Prime Minister in bad mood after being shown black flags, I guess this could happen. I should have saved that money to buy petrol,” Ankit added.

Fans of 2012, like those working in the news channel India TV, were hopeful that the doomsday prediction by the Mayan Calendar will make people take more interest in 2012, but survey reveals that people are least interested.

“This doomsday is same shit like Lokpal and Sachin’s 100th international century – I don’t care anymore about when it will happen,” Harish, a regular viewer of news channels said.