Monday, 6th April, 2020


As people avoid handshake, Ajay Devgn's two-finger zubaan kesari gesture quickly catching on

17, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

Social distancing and no-handshake seems to be a norm now as citizens take every precaution to stop the virus from spreading. And amidst all this, Ajay Devgn’s two-finger gesture seems to be catching on.

The gesture seen for the first time in a TV commercial for Vimal Paan Masala, has now become a mainstream greeting instead of the handshake.

The bollywood actor is seen in the ad raising his two fingers while greeting people. This is now quickly becoming a sought after alternative comapted to the traditional handshake.

The World Health Organization too in an advisory recognized its effectiveness in stopping the spread of the disease. In India, not just paan masala chewers, common man too was seen raising his two-fingers while greeting others.

Even US President Donald Trump was all praises for Devgns 2 finger gesture. While speaking exclusively to Faking News, the US President said, “Yesterday Melania told me about this guy called Devgn, and I was like hey, we are not talking anything about Devgun or any other gun. It’s election time and I need to be politically correct. But later I found out that it was about this bollywood actor who used his two fingers as gesture to greet people. I think it’s pretty cool. I’d be doing this with everyone I meet instead of the handshake.”