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People Baba Siddique could look forward to unite this year after successfully uniting SRK-Salman

09, Jul 2015 By indianpsycho

There are only few days left for Eid and all eyes are on who all ex Bandra MLA Baba Siddique could bring together this year. People have lot of hope from him given Salman and SRK’s recent truce on Twitter. Faking News proposes to him a list of people/entities he could consider uniting.

Arnab-Rajdeep. If there is anyone that could match the rivalry of SRK and Salman it would be these two star journalists. Colleagues at one point of time and now arch rivals, Baba Siddique would really have to work hard to unite them. While Rajdeep would jump on to attend any iftar invitation, Baba will have to lure Arnab by either inviting Lalit Modi or some Pakistani defense analysts to the party.

Nation wants few more reunions.
Nation wants few more reunions.

Modi-India. Baba Siddique would do a whole lot of good to India if he is able to unite PM Narendra Modi with Indian Territory. Modi who seems to have developed some kind of allergy with staying in India and is often abroad, has to be patched up with the country he is PM of. It will be a tough ask, but Baba could always choose an overseas location to convince Modi that being in India for a prolonged duration isn’t bad for his political health.

Kejriwal-AAP Delhi manifesto. After sweeping Delhi elections, it seems AAP and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal have thrown their manifesto and their so called ideology somewhere. AAP seems to have stood by none of the tall claims it made. And has also made mockery of the ideologies it promised to stand for, by doing complete opposite of that. Also once Baba has united Kejriwal with AAP manifesto, he could then go on to unite him with Najeeb Jung, Yogendra Yadav, supporters, Jan lokpal bill, Development, and whole lot of other entities.

KRK-Vyapam Scam. The only way online world especially Twitter and YouTube could get rid of alleged human Kamaal R Khan is if Baba somehow links and unites him with Vyapam Scam. Baba being from Bandra (where all top Bollywood and television celebs stay) could sweep next elections if he is able to do so.

Adarsh Liberals-Statements. Adarsh liberals are often found to be deviating from the statements they made at one point of time so much so that Hypocrisy gets tears in its eyes. Baba Siddique hosting an iftar party would be perfect occasion to bring all these adarsh liberals together and make them face their old tweets, stances taken etc.