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People in Bengal enroll for painting classes as they fear police would arrest them after treating their bad drawing as a meme

16, May 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Kolkata. The Supreme Court Wednesday termed as “prima facie arbitrary” the arrest of BJP’s youth wing leader for allegedly posting morphed image of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on social media and pulled up the West Bengal government for the delay in releasing her.

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But people in Bengal are really afraid of the police now as they think any bad drawing will be considered as a meme and they would be arrested. More and more people are enrolling for the painting classes as they don’t want to make a bad drawing and fall victim to an arrest.

People in Bengal are aware of the fact that any image which is not properly drawn can be considered as a meme in the modern-day od morphed images and trolling. You never know when the image you have drawn starts resembling a real-life person and that is scary in present-day Bengal. Faking News had reported yesterday that a person was arrested for just thinking of a meme, leave even making one. Memes are good for fun and entertainment, but in Bengal, Memes can land you in trouble.

It’s up to the drawing teachers now to save the society and make everyone in Bengal an expert painter.