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People booking with Aadhar linked IRCTC accounts can sleep anytime: Railways

05, Nov 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: Indian railways is coming up with series of innovative ways to encourage people to link their Aadhaar number with their IRCTC account. As per it’s latest circular, not only Aadhaar linked accounts will be allowed to book twelve tickets per month, the passengers travelling on those tickets can sleep whenever they want throughout their journey.


“The current rule of sleeping time restricted between 10 PM and 6 AM won’t apply for those passengers. If this is not a big enough incentive, then what would be?” asked a railway official withholding his identity.

Railway official is confident for a change railway will be the first to have cent percent compliancy. He said, “We will easily beat the current deadline of Feb 6th and March 31st set by government for linking all sim cards and bank accounts with Aadhar. Our assessment is, within a week from now all the people having IRCTC accounts would link their Aadhaar number with it.”

“I am giving a weeks time because there are many who would be inside train. Some of the long-distance trains in India takes 48 to 72 hours more than their scheduled arrival time. Once they reach their destination this is the first thing they will do,” added the official.

We asked, suppose there are ‘lazy’ people out there who would not like to do it, what other options Railways have. The officials said, “There are plenty. To just name a few, like giving lower berth to people who do it first, bringing food from outside hygienic canteens instead of what is prepared inside trains and serving them tea which would have traces of milk particles inside it.”

We came across one situation which tells us Railway indeed has many options which will push passengers to link it soon. A guard standing outside the toilet of the waiting room did not allow Mr. Sharma to go inside, “Sir, you have to hold like you are holding your decision to link Aadhaar. Please allow good Aadhaar citizens like Mr. Verma to go inside to relieve himself first,” said the guard who knew whose Aadhaar is not linked by looking at the chart.