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Most people bought tickets to open their food stall inside the venue: Organizers of Bryan Adams Ahmedabad concert reveal

12, Oct 2018 By @jurnoleast

Though reports in newspapers which reported that the Bryan Adams concert was a huge success, new revelations from concert organizers have a different story to tell.

According to one concert organizer most of the tickts wre bought by people who wanted to open their foodstalls inside the venue and make money. “The Gujarti spirit of entrepreneurship and love for making money triumphed their love for music. Around 15000 tickets were sold and there were 10000 stalls of food and beverages,” said the organizer.

“When Bryan took to the stage he was shocked to see the stadium filled with stalls. And immediately went off stage to check if the had accidentally reached a different venue,” he added.

The singer continued with his performance to prevent further embarassment for the organizers.

But some who actually came to listen to the music were left disappointed. “It’s surreal when crowds sing along with the performer. But out of the 5000 who were not selling their stuff, only a handful knew the lyrics. It was a let down if you ask me,” said one attendee.

Not everyone was left disappointed. Jignesh Shah, who runs a snacks stall in Ahmedabad made a cool profit of 1lakh rupees. “When I bought the 10k concert ticket. My family was angry with me for having spent spent so much money. But after I managed to sell theplas and khakras worth a lakh, they are happy. I hope there are more such concerts in the city in future,” he said with a smile.