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People who don’t post “Happy Independence Day” on Facebook on 15th August will be sent to Pakistan: Sambit Patra

13, Aug 2017 By itsmihir1993

In a bid to maintain the party reputation, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra announced that Indians who will not post “Happy Independence Day” on their Facebook timeline on 15th August will be declared “anti-national” and sent to Pakistan on immediate basis.


The announcement came soon after Sambit, who is known to debate aggressively, read a news article stating that no lynching has taken place in any part of India since four days. Senior BJP leaders backed Sambit’s decision and announced that the party will arrange for free tickets to Pakistan for those who fail to write an Independence Day post on Facebook. BJP President Amit Shah confirmed the news, “Everyone has to post ‘Happy Independence Day’ on Facebook and keep a profile picture of the Tricolour. In addition to this, people have to write a 2002-word paragraph on Facebook that includes words like ‘Say Bharat Mata ki Jai or go to Pakistan’ and ‘Soldiers are dying at the border’, etc.,” he said, explaining nationalism. Meanwhile, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi seemed disappointed with this announcement and took to Twitter. He tweeted: “Soldiers are dying at the border and BJP leaders want people to use Facebook. Horrifying! I can’t stand this behaviour, so I’ll leave for a trip to Europe on the Independence Day.” Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal took a break by not blaming PM Modi for the move. When we spoke to him about the change, he said, “I was in a public place in Delhi. Since Delhi does not have free WiFI in public places, I could not tweet against Modi ji.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who will be on a short trip to India to deliver a speech on Independence Day, welcomed the move and said that Indians posting “Happy Independence Day” on Facebook is a huge step towards India becoming a digital economy.