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People forcing their children into sports after hearing about improvement in roads around Dipa Karmakar’s house

21, Oct 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: In a break from tradition, more and more Indian parents are forcing their children to take up sports instead of spending all their time studying. Generally, Indian parents are renowned worldwide for the pressure they put on their kids to get high marks but the trend seems to be reversing and it is thanks to the potholes on the roads.

Smile after seeing a pothole free Indian road

As news broke that Tripura Government is going to repair all the roads around Dipa Karmakar’s house, many people came to know how they can improve the condition of the roads in their locality. Dipa was earlier planning to return the BMW she got as a gift since the roads near her house weren’t fit to drive a car that size.

Coaching academies across India have reported a huge increase in the registrations as more and more people line up to enroll their kids. However, most of the interest is in Olympic sports as people haven’t seen roads around cricketers’ homes getting government’s attention even after reaching Test Number 1 status.

“Till how long will we suffer on these pothole filled roads, we also want to experience a smooth drive once in our lifetime. Dipa’s example shows us that if you perform well at the Olympics, you can finally get that elusive thing, a pothole free road. Now we are too old to take up a sport ourselves but our two kids are still young. We have asked them to spend all their time playing, if we catch them with books, we will punish them ourselves”, said a 40 yrs old PWD employee.

“Whole life is there to study, they can study later but they must spend their youth chasing the Olympic dream. Olympians get government job, cash rewards and most of all, smooth roads to drive their cars on. This is definitely something they must aspire for”, a parent of a teenage girl said.

Meanwhile, when we asked Tripura Government that since they are fixing the roads near Dipa’s house only, what happens when she goes for a long drive, a government official said, “Petrol is very expensive and BMW’s average is low. We are saving her money by ensuring that she doesn’t go on a very long drive.”