People in green zone found mocking those in red zone on social media, Govt warns of action

04, May 2020 By yogy

3rd may has come and gone, but for a major chuck of the population there seems to be no respite from the lockdown. Especially for those in the red zone as they continue with the status quo. But that is not their only headache.


Those in green zone are still better off than other, some of them took the liberty to mock the less fortunate red zone ones.

Many people from the red zone are at the receiving end of jibes from those in green zone. Social media saw a barrage of comments flying between the two groups as they tried to get one up on each other.

On Sunday, Social media was flooded with memes and pictures that clearly took a dig at those still under lockdown.

Our reporter spoke to one such man in Delhi, who has been constantly receiving images of ‘daaru party’ from his relatives in Gurgaon. “They are living like royalty while I have to survive on maggi. If not anything, there should be a ban on sharing of such messages,” he said.

Bollywood actor Salman Khan, currently at his karjat farmhouse which is a green zone, took digs at brothers Soahil and Arbaaz who are in Mumbai.

Though the brothers were not happy, neither of them declines to comment for the fear that their pocket money could be affected. “We might see a recession in the post pandemic world. Job losses, furloughs and pay-cuts could be the norm. In such a scenario both Sohail and Arbaaz wouldn’t do anything that would jeopardize their pocket money. That is why they are responding to bhai’s comments.” revealed a source close to the family.

Several citizens especially those from red zones wanted the Govt to arrange transport so that they could travel to green zones.

There has been no commitment from the Govt at the moment, but insiders say that once situation of migrant workers is taken care of, there could be an announcement on intra zone transport.