Wednesday, 1st April, 2020


People spreading rumors of riots will be caught and made News Editors: Delhi Police

02, Mar 2020 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Ever since riots broke out in the otherwise ignored parts of Delhi (Also called Jamna paar), rumors and fake news are being circulated with impunity online, and finally Delhi Police has decided to act on these rumors.

amulya patnaik

Earlier today, Delhi Police announced that anyone caught spreading fake news will be taken to Noida Film City and appointed as the editor of one of the news channels running there.

Delhi Police has made it abundantly clear that only the news channels are allowed to spread fake news and others can’t intrude in their domain.

Speaking to the media, a Delhi Police spokesperson said, “Rumor-mongering and spreading fake news is the exclusive domain of news channels and as a law enforcement agency, it is our duty to protect their right. If anyone else is doing this job then we have to stop them. Despite several warnings, people continue to peddle fake news during these sensitive times so we are catching hold of them, and appointing them as news editors.”

“If someone is not stopping despite all these warnings, then it means they are very dedicated to spreading rumors and fake news so we must do whatever we can to take them to their rightful place, a news studio. Once there, they can share all the fake news, all the rumors, everything that comes to their WhatsApp inbox can be shown as breaking news. Nobody will stop or interrupt them”, the spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, a person traveling in Delhi Metro shared on social media that as per a WhatsApp message received by him, all metro trains have been stopped in Delhi.