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People standing in a straight queue detained for suspicious behavior by Delhi Police

20, Aug 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Dozens of people were detained by Delhi Police this morning after they were caught patiently standing in a straight queue. They have not been charged yet but the investigations are ongoing to find out the reason behind this behavior.


The person who called the Police to report the incident spoke to Faking News and said, “People like this damage our society by openly exhibiting decent behavior. What were they trying to achieve by standing in a straight queue? I observed the queue for a good 10 minutes and nobody was entering the queue from the side, nobody pushing the person in front, nobody even moving from side to side to look why the queue isn’t moving fast enough. I had to call the Police to report this incident.”

“I would have understood if the queue was outside a Starbucks where everyone stands patiently in the queue to drink overpriced Coffee but this was a lousy government office. Why wasn’t anyone trying to get right to the front of the queue after finding some distant relation with the government officer at the counter? Why wasn’t anyone getting irritated by the wait and shouting? These questions need to be answered and Police must find out why they were hurting the image of Delhi by forming orderly queues,” he added.

Delhi Police is yet to issue a statement on this and is keeping things quiet due to the sensitive nature of the crime.

As per experts, this could be one of the long-lasting effects of demonetization, a move that taught everyone in India how to stand in a queue.