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More people visit ATMs in Agra than the Taj Mahal - Report

21, Dec 2016 By RT

Agra: “The number of visitors to the ATMs in the city are twice than the visitors to the monument”, said a city official to our reporter, visiting the city to see the Taj Mahal but restricted to jump from one ATM queue to another in search of cash.

2nd most popular tourist spot in Agra right now

“On any given day, Taj Mahal used to be crowded with tourists, both Indians and foreigners. Now, with the demonetization, ATMs are the new monuments in the country and any other building, Taj or not, is only secondary. Yesterday, 100s of them, waiting in line for a tour of Taj, started running towards an ATM as soon as they heard a rumour that it is being loaded with cash”, said the official.

“You know, the visitors used to take photographs with the Taj in the background. Presently, the trend is to take Selfies with the cash in hand, in front of an ATM. A few even hired professional photographers to take the photos. In fact, most of the professional photographers have now shifted to the ATMs”, he further added.

“Over the years, I have seen foreigners go completely in awe seeing the Taj. Today. I saw both locals and foreigners go totally awestruck holding a few currency notes in hand”, he concluded.

“The Taj isn’t going anywhere but the cash in the ATM may disappear any time”, a bunch of visitors told Faking News reporter as they ran to join a queue at an ATM.