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People who watch MTV Roadies have 25 hours in a day: Research

04, Feb 2014 By indianpsycho

Chandigarh: According to a research done by few little known neurologists, it has been established that those who continue to watch MTV Roadies (even now) are gifted and naturally blessed with 25 hours in a day which leaves them with one extra hour than others to waste utilize that time watching the show.

Roadies 11
The brawn brain behind the show.

The research was done long time back but the findings are out in public domain only now after they got leaked.

The brains behind the research were initially reluctant to take credit of the research as they were wary of MTV labeling them a true roadie (like they once did to Rafael Nadal) impressed with their research and were not prepared for the humiliation that ensued.

As per sources the group reportedly surveyed many viewers to find out the exact reason why they are so hooked on to the show which is now in its 11th season. While a small percentage watched it to mock and crack jokes on Twitter by ridiculing the show, the rest appeared as clueless as the show itself.

Few participants even said they watch wanted to ‘prove’ something, though it couldn’t be verified if that thing was Pythagoras theorem or Archimedes principle.

“After we failed to find any convincing responses that could help us in coming to a conclusion, we decided to go deeper in to their lives and can now confidently claim after observing them for one full year that these people have one ‘extra’ hour in a day than average people,” said one of the researcher.

Since the show is aired only on Saturdays, for the rest of the week these people spend that one extra hour either commenting and fighting amongst each other on Youtube videos of same episodes or finding radioactive elements at radio stations.

“I was right when once in school I answered there are 25 hours in day. I am now going to sue that teacher who said it was wrong,” revealed Alia Bhatt, one of the participants of the research.