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As per research, if bunch of people honk together continuously, red traffic signal turns green

11, Sep 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: Habitual honkers, who have been criticized by everyone for long for honking uselessly, can now walk around proudly after research proved that their honking has some use. Research has shown that if a bunch of people come together and launch their horns against a Red light, the Red light turns Green.

Red Signal
Now turn this Red to Green!

Honking while waiting for the signal to turn Green is a very common thing in India. Even though there was no evidence that this honking helps them in any way, devout honkers kept persisting and finally they have been vindicated. Research published by scholars at IIT (Indian Institute of Timepass) has shown that if the horns are synchronized, they can create vibrations that change the signal from Red to Green.

While motorists across India were seen congratulating each other after hearing this, traffic police is not too happy about it. “This synchronized honking will increase accidents boss. Once everyone knows about it, they will honk accordingly. Now, if the signal turns Green for all of them then what will happen? As it is our city’s traffic barely moves, in that situation, it will come to an absolute halt. Hope the research isn’t made public and people keep honking randomly like they do now. No synchronization, no problem”, Mr. Manjunath, a local traffic cop said.

Irrespective of the skepticism of traffic cops, general public was very excited after they came to know that they have the power to change every traffic signal to Green. “It just goes to show the power of unity. Individually we can’t do anything about the Red signal, our honking was just going to waste. Now, we can all work together and create a symphony that moves the signal from Red to Green. Hopefully, they will now start teaching this honking technique in driving schools”, a local motorist said.

Meanwhile, Traffic police is planning to replace traffic signals with a sop carrying Red and Green Flags to avoid this signal change. The traffic cop will have earplugs to ensure he doesn’t go deaf after standing for 2 minutes at a traffic signal.