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Person finds Mt. Everest climbing was far easier than collecting school admission form

11, Feb 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Swamy, a Bengaluru based resident who recently returned from Everest expedition found climbing Everest was far easier for him than collecting an admission form for a reputed as well as well hyped school in Bengaluru.

“Like every parent look for the best school for their kids, I thought let me try for one such school for my younger daughter. After googling for months and talking to some of my colleagues, zeroed down on ‘New Vertical School’ located at Indiranagar”, said Swamy while talking to us.


“Little I knew, the school expedition would be such a tough and gruesome exercise. Many parents like me stood on the queue for thirty-six hours before the counter opened. We were telling each other, itna agar hum log aapne bachho ke liye nahin kar sakte, toh aage jaa ke Bacche kya bolenge”, said Swamy whose legs were swollen to triple XL size for the effort he had put in.

Swamy added, “Slept on the pavement outside school gate for hours, thank God there was no Salman Khan on road for those two nights. I noticed, the amount of food, water people were carrying even a fraction of that no one in my group carried when we went on top of Everest”.

On his experience, Swamy said, “When I was struggling, some of them told me how they have come prepared by enrolling for a short duration training on ‘school admission form collection’ offered by a nearby agent. They had slept on pavements for few nights before hand, managed to survive with Parle-G and Bisleri for two nights and one full day. By the time I got form, I had no energy to put one sign, so put my left-hand thumb expression”.

When we asked School principal Ms. Amrita Singh why this torture in this on-line era, she said, “We want to see fully committed parents. Aur school ka reputation ka kya. We are the best because we have the longest queue in this city”.