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Person goes for hair treatment starting with just Rs 500, ends up paying 5 Lakhs

14, Sep 2016 By dasu

Mumbai: Worried about the growing bald patch on his head, Aditya Kumar went for a hair treatment solution that started at just 500 Rs. However, the attractive plan turned out to be a trap as he ended up getting a bill of 5 Lakh Rupees when the treatment was completed.

Hair treatment
Check the terms and conditions before sitting in that chair

34 yrs old Aditya, who is still single, thought that his baldness is getting in the way of his marriage and he must get rid of it as soon as possible. However, while selecting the hair treatment plan, he only noticed the starting point of the treatment and not the ending point.

“Baldness was occupying my mind at all times. Other than this, I could think of nothing else. Though it did not help much, I would be spending countless hours standing in front of mirror just to check the latest status of hair on my head. I always kept looking for any signs of new growth”, said Aditya.

“I tried every shampoo, oil available in the market, all sorts of treatment from modern medicines to home remedies, nothing helped. I never approached any girl as I feared they will reject me due to my lack of hair. My batchmates from college are already posting images of the 5th birthday of their children and here I am, haven’t even managed to upload images of my marriage yet on Facebook”, said Aditya with a sad note.

Aditya added, “I knew many celebrities like Harsha Bhogle, Arun Lal have got over this problem. What I needed was affordable hair treatment for a middle class person like me. One day I came across this hard to resist offer from Dr. Matra clinic starting at just Rs 500. I knew then and there that my life is about to change.”

“Even though the treatment went well and I started seeing some new hair on my head, I wasn’t prepared for what was to follow. They handed me a bill of 5 Lakh Rupees. Looking at the amount my head started spinning and heart beat shot through the roof. Luckily a heart specialist who was undergoing hair treatment at the same clinic and he saved my life. As per their cashier, in three months my hair count has gone up by 1.1 million. The rate was Rupees 500 for 1000 hair, which was mentioned under *conditions apply*, something I forgot to read”, Aditya said.

Aditya pulled his hair out of frustration after using up almost all his savings to pay for the hair treatment bill and is now looking for another cheap hair treatment to get his hair back.