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Person who left office at 5 PM is now staying till 5 AM to avoid his visiting mother in law

18, Feb 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Ever since his mother-in-law has come here, Santhosh Babu, a techie, ensures he does not return home before 5 AM. The respect, Santhosh has for his mother-in-law reflected on his office timings.


“Santhosh is not like other techies who will go to office around lunch time, spend entire day on social media, before ending the day with fifteen minutes of work to return home late after having dinner at office”. said Prakash, a close friend of Santhosh for many years.

“He is as punctual as anyone I have seen in my life. Reaches office dot on time and leaves dot on time. Evenings when he will be on treadmill that’s the time when I will be remembering him having my burger meal”, said Prakash.

Whenever his mother-in-law comes here, Santhosh will quickly move to 18 hours per day work cycle. He will often tell Prakash, “Yaar, akela Pakistan ko sambhal na muskil hai, China agar saath mein ho to next to impossible for me. Worst case for me Father-in-law who can empathize with me won’t join her during visits to Namma Bengaluru city. My manager is super happy, as during this period I am doing 4 person’s work”.

“She won’t disturb me in the morning hours when I get some sleep as she realizes how much effort I am putting to keep my family happy. Moreover, full day TV remote she has, to watch Ramdev baba to Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai”, said Santhosh.

Looking at Santhosh’s office dedication, company management who looks for every possible cost cutting opportunity asked him, “If you are going to work like this for a month or two we can stop our night security at reception. Ask your mother-in-law what is her plan”.