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Person is liable for tax audit if we find more than 1000 eclairs during our raid, says IT department

31, Dec 2016 By dasu

New Delhi: Small time business man Lokesh Agarwal has been slapped with an income tax notice after Income Tax department found more than 1000 pieces of eclairs during raid in his house.


One of the income tax official who was part of the audit team spoke to us anonymously. He said, “Though Mr. Agarwal was nervous as it happens to most of the people during our raids, still he asked us, what’s his fault, no IT rule specifies one cannot have this many Eclairs. There we showed him the new rule which finance ministry in conjunction with our department had announced few seconds back. We explained the reason to him. It is pretty simple. Number of eclairs in your house indicate number of times cash transaction you have done.”

The official added, “During raid, saw his son coming back home with a milk packet and couple of Eclairs. There I got upset, lost my cool. Asked him, are you not watching TV or reading newspapers. Every day our PM, senior ministers, government officials are giving big lectures on different forums how is mobile is your e-batua (e-wallet) through which you can do things so easily.”

“It was surprising for me, this man who did not look that uneducated to me, has not migrated to digital platform till now. I took the opportunity and gave him a small lecture, It’s his fundamental duty to support what a democratically elected government asks him to do. Otherwise government will be forced to bring ordinances like this to set people like him right,” said the income tax official.

When we talked to Mr. Agarwal, he said, “It’s my fault, if I would have smart, eaten all the eclairs like big hoarders of black money have done by transferring their unaccounted cash to gold, real estate or foreign assets then why I would have got such notice.”

“My only hope is this government along with Reverse Bank of India has brought in 54 changes in last 42 days. They might reverse this eclairs rule. In that case I would be spared from answering this income tax notice like I did not have to convince two bank officials yesterday while depositing 10k in my account,” said Mr. Agarwal.