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Man scolds his family members for low electricity bill, asks how he'll dispose 500 notes now

03, Dec 2016 By dasu

Mumbai: A diamond merchant from the city was hoping to ‘settle’ a portion of his unaccounted income by paying his utility bills like electricity and water which Government is allowing till Dec 15th. However, he is in utter shock when he saw the latest bills which has come around paltry 25k rupees only.

500 note

The wealthy man while speaking to us anonymously, said, “Throughout my life what all I have not done to accumulated wealth. For whom I have done all these, for my family members, right. Now it seems I am the one in family who is working so hard again to protect my money going to government coffers.”

He added, “I am looking for loop holes with every announcement and trying my level best. Did an all India tour, went to Nepal with flight tickets I purchased with old 500 and 1000 rupee notes just to find some people who will do my job with a commission.”

“Got angry when I came back home and checked the electricity and water bill. With such low bills, it will not allow me to settle more than 0.01% of my net worth available in 500-rupee currency notes. Feeling so low right now that I worked so hard for such a ‘useless’ family. A family of six assisted by more than dozen servants, could not have helped me by spiking up the electricity and water consumption?” asked the wealthy man.

“What it takes to do that. Even if it is winter, cannot you leave the AC on to help your dad. You do not want to take bath, fine, cannot you leave the taps open with geyser on. Such simple things I have to tell. Now I have warned all to follow my direction till Dec 15th, let us try how much we can ‘use’ by then,” he added.

When we suggested instead of wasting your wealth, you can pay 50% tax as per the new legislation Govt is bringing, he said, “Do you know what respect I command. If people come to know I am like ‘this’, what respect they will have for me. Dhan Jaye per Shaan na Jaye. Will do everything in my capacity to protect my dignity.