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Person selling masks on Delhi street among richest, says two more months of smog he’ll make it to Forbes list

10, Nov 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: Pravin Tyagi whose company is selling masks in Delhi and NCR region, is among the richest people in national capital right now. If luck remains in his side and the smog continues for couple of months more, he has high probability of making it to the top 500 of Forbes magazine’s year end list.

His life story is another classic rags to riches story for which many top Bollywood producers have shown interest to turn it into a Bollywood potboiler.

While speaking to us inside his caravan, he said, “I started my career as a street hawker selling different products on the pavements of Delhi as per the product’s seasonal demand. If I would have relied on selling Diwali crackers or Holi Rangoli as I used to do earlier, by now I would have returned to my village like many of my friends have done. Luckily, I understood ahead of others what Delhi and NCR climate will turn out in future. So, I started focusing on masks.”

Pravin added, “Not only Air Purifiers, these humble masks have a big market here. Air purifiers are for indoor usage only, what about outdoors? Whatever be the climate, people have no choice, they have to come out to earn for their living. With more than 2 crore population getting affected, you can imagine the sales my company is having as masks are for both indoor as well as outdoor usage.”

“Last year was a breakthrough year for me. This year, I was ready much in advance. Recruiting people, training them about new products, having our own app, adding online and digital wallet payment modes etc. See the result, in less than 3 weeks this year, we have already made ten times of last full year full business. If Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and central government work in the manner they are doing now, I should be able to make it to the Forbes year end list,” Pravin said while giving us some insight into his business acumen.

Pravin is planning to open his first onsite office in Beijing this year and has started diversifying into air purifiers manufacturing and PM2.5 measuring equipments.