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Person who was sleeping during presentation asks maximum questions during Q&A afterwards

22, Oct 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Vivek Kumar, a techie who was sleeping during a soft skill presentation at his office, asked maximum questions in the Q&A session that followed the presentation.

The lights were off for most part of the presentation for better visibility as it contained some cool videos and lectures. Due to this many in the room did not notice Vivek sleeping during the presentation. Vivek’s project mate Santosh who was sitting next to him spoke to us.


Santosh said, “He asked few questions which were not related to presentation. Agar kuch suna hota to usko pata hota. If you rely on Google search to ask questions, then this is going to happen. The presentation was on time management. The presenter exceeded the time by 200 percent. Now Vivek by asking many absurd questions was hell bent on making sure we all skip lunch”.

“Worst part is you cannot leave the presentation in the middle as our manager had warned us attendance will be taken at the end and even if you miss Q&A section also, it will be marked as absent. In that case you would be asked to do 4 more soft skills trainings and during mandatory fire drill you would be asked to demonstrate how to open the pin from the gas cylinder extinguishers”, said Santosh who had finished all the biscuits that was on his table as well as nearby tables.

Santosh added, “After six seven questions Vivek would have stopped as everyone was looking at him with an angry face, that time only our manager entered the room to see who all attended and who all skipped. As if Vivek was waiting for our manager’s arrival, after that it was all between him and presenter. Some questions where both did not reach consensus, we all suggested both of you please go and post the queries in the website from where you have both lifted the material as well as questions”.

Our manager also acknowledged the ‘spirited’ effort shown by Vivek. He told, “Looks like Vivek has more knowledge on time management. From next batch onwards, we would not disturb HR team. Vivek will make the presentation”.