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Person is having sleepless nights after realizing his son has only 1500 days left for IIT exam

24, Oct 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Amit Sinha is a worried man. He is having sleepless nights after he realized his son is having less than 1500 days left to prepare for all-important IIT entrance exam.

“So much to revise, I do not think he has done enough till now. Look at him, it’s already 4 AM and he is sleeping from 11:30 PM. Trying for last thirty minutes still he is not waking up. Have made three times hot bournvita for him and sitting here I am only drinking all of them,” said Mr. Sinha while showing his displeasure over his son spending more than necessary time in sleeping.

Mr. Sinha added, “I have also told him since he was in LKG, do not want you to get a degree from any altu-faltu engineering college. I want you to be a topper from a top IIT college. Have always imagined myself and my wife standing next to him taking a selfie in iPhone17 during his convocation. This is the dream with which both me and Mrs. Sinha are living for.”

Mr. Sinha while sharing little bit of insight on the sacrifice he and his wife have done for Sumit. “What not we have done for him. When he was in his mother’s womb, instead of reading Ramayan or Mahabharata, I used to talk about solving problems in General physics written by Igor Irodov. When he joined Pre-KG, switched off tata sky connection so that he never gets distracted from studying,” said Mr. Sinha who was switching between DD news and DD national to see something interesting as he was feeling drowsy.

“Took him during Dussehra holidays to different coaching centers in Kota, Rajasthan. They told me, he knows everything, if he attempts next IIT entrance test, he will crack a sub fifty rank. Still, I don’t want to take any chance. We are all shifting to Kota from next summer, will come back after he gets admitted to a top IIT”, said Mr. Sinha.

In the meanwhile, Sumit Woke up to revise the last chapter on concept of physics by H.C. Verma. We wished him good luck for his entrance exam in 2021.