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PG owner follows Leo Tolstoy's story to the hilt, says every man needs just 6 feet, we are giving that

19, Oct 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: Bengaluru based PG owner Naveen M believes in giving ample space to the techies staying in his PG accommodation. He never turns anyone away from his accommodation and makes space for them by adding more and more cardboard partitions to the existing rooms. However, he has still ensured that every paying guest gets at least 6 feet of space.

Still enough space for 2 more beds

“I believe everybody deserves six feet as Leo Tolstoy conveyed in his famous short story How Much Land Does a Man Need. I do my calculations, If I find someone will not get six feet, only then I apologize to them and turn them away else I take them in”, said Naveen on the principle on which he runs PG.

“Due to the strategic location of areas like BTM layout, electronics city, which are close to the IT corridor, demand for PG accommodation there exceeds supply by a huge margin. This has resulted in many PG owners becoming very greedy. They simply do not care; they accept everyone who comes to them. My humble request to them is,have some respect for people, these are human beings who will stay in your PG. Do not behave like a BMTC conductor who will push as many as he can inside”, said an upset looking Naveen who feels bad when people club him in the greedy PG owners club.

Mr. Naveen added, “Time and again I have raised this in different PG owners’ association meeting. Their counter argument will be, anyway techies hardly stay at PG. On weekdays, either they spend their time in Bengaluru traffic or in office. On weekends, lucky ones will be in malls catching a movie or having a dozen pints of beer in a pub with their respective girlfriends or boyfriends. The ones who stay back in the PG, their life anyway sucks; how does lack of space matter to them. However, I don’t agree with this line of argument. I give everyone their designated 6 feet.”

When we asked Mr. Naveen what happens if someone taller than 6 feet comes to him for accommodation, Naveen said, “Well they have to take our premium package then. For just twice the standard rent, they can get as much as 6 inches extra.”