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Pickpockets looking for profession change, with limited cash in pockets, say reward not worth the risk

15, Nov 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: Pickpockets across the IT city are feeling the pinch after PM Modi introduced the demonetization scheme. Most of them feel, the job right now is not rewarding enough considering the risk they are taking, therefore they looking for alternative professions.

Not worth it now

“People stand through the day to get maximum 2.5k amount from bank ATM, if they are lucky. Assuming they do not put any money in any hidden pockets and keep everything in their wallets, still the market size has shrunk big time for us. 8 out of 10 wallets aren’t carrying any cash and the remaining 2 have very small amounts”, said pickpocket Chandu (name changed on request) while speaking to us.

Chandu added, “People have also become very protective about their wallets these days. Which is understandable, please remember they struggle so much to withdraw money from their own accounts, you can imagine the amount of care he will take to protect that money. Every two seconds they check whether the wallet is in place. So the risk of getting caught is that much high now and the penalty one will get after he is caught, I don’t want to imagine. I am not talking about the legal penalty; I am talking about the beating I will get with so many frustrated people all around.”

“Considering all these factors, I have uploaded my CV to all leading job portals for a career switch. Unfortunately, except couples of calls from bank agents offering personal loan, no one has called me”, said Chandu.

“On the recommendation of a job portal to bring some visibility to my CV, I have added a line that I have working knowledge of C & C++. Now everyone is saying, some calls I will definitely get, prepare well”, said Chandu before he left us to join the queue to deposit money in the bank account.