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Piece of Chicken spotted in Office cafeteria's Chicken Curry, HR orders probe

26, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Employees at a media office in the city were in for a great surprise today when one of their colleagues found a piece of Chicken in the Chicken curry served in the office cafeteria. This is the first Chicken piece sighting in the 15 years that the office has been running.

Chicken Curry
Representative image, not the Chicken Curry Amol’s office cafeteria serves

Amol (name changed because he doesn’t want his parents to know that he has started eating Non-Veg) was the guy who discovered this first ever Chicken piece. Speaking to faking News, he said,”I was just having my lunch like any other day and ordered Chicken curry and Rice. Half way through, I saw something solid in my curry. I thought it must be a big piece of Onion or something but upon closer inspection, I realized that it is actually a piece of Chicken. I immediately called everyone in the office to my table and showed them this rarest of rare sight.”

The HR manager in the office has already ordered a probe into the incident. “How did a piece of Chicken enter the Curry? Today Chicken has appeared, tomorrow something harmful can also entered the Curry, who will be answerable then? Further, employees may start to get jealous of the lucky guy who gets the piece of Chicken. We don’t want such negativity in our workspace so the cafeteria contractor must explain his behavior here today”, said the HR manager.

When we spoke to the cafeteria contractor, he defended himself and said,”I always make Chicken Curry without any Chicken so it is impossible that I made a mistake here. We only use Chicken Masala to give it a feel of Chicken Curry. At most I throw in a couple of leftover bones but never anything with meat on it. Maybe he brought a piece of Chicken from home or something. HR should be investigating this Amol instead of leveling any allegations against me.”

Meanwhile, the management has issued a notice explaining that this sighting was an aberration and this mistake will not be repeated by the cafeteria team.