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Plastic bag manufacturers introduce 'environment friendly bags with aloe vera' in desperate attempt to circumvent the ban

26, Jun 2018 By @jurnoleast

Manufacturers of plastic bags in Maharashtra are facing the heat of the recent plastic ban in the state and in a desperate attempt have now introduced ‘Environment Friendly Plastic bags with Aloe Vera’.

“Everything becomes natural and environment friendly when you have aloe vera in it. If shampoo, soap and creams can have aloe vera, then why cant plastic bags have it, questioned a manufacturer.

At a press conference representatives from the Manufacturers association revealed a specimen of Aloe Vera Plastic bag and even ate it to demonstrate its environment friendliness.

Citizens have welcomed the move and many are hoping that it would put an end to their woes brought forth by the plastic ban.

“I was carrying vegetables in plastic bag and had to wear a shawl over my body to hide it. BMC officials didn’t suspect after I told them that I am Thakur from Sholay. Now thankfully these aloe vera plastic bags will put an end to such antics,” said a retired govt official.

Maharashtra Govt. however is in no mood to relent. CM Devendra Fadnavis has the ban would stay and plastic bag manufacturers should refrain from coming up with such ridiculous ideas.

Besides penalty, CM threatened them with a music video by his wife on plastic ban to ensure compliance.