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Please find Honeypreet so that my husband returns home: Wife of a journalist searching for Honeypreet

28, Sep 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: While some people are wasting their time discussing irrelevant things like GST, economy, jobs etc, many journalists are still sticking to the most important story in the country, Honeypreet Insaan! Honeypreet has been untraceable ever since Baba Ram Rahim was convicted despite the efforts of Haryana Police and hundreds of reporters. All these reporters are keeping the nation informed about the search for the most wanted person in the country. They have been away from their homes for weeks as the 24X7 search continues and now wife of one such reporter has had enough. She has requested PM Modi, Haryana CM Khattar, US President Donald Trump, and UN General Secretary whatever his name is, to help find Honeypreet so that her husband can safely return home.


Speaking to Faking News, she said,”It is not the first time he has devoted himself to a story full time but generally those stories lasted 3-4 days at most, worst was Indrani case but even then he wasn’t out searching for her so it was fine. Now he is putting in more effort than Haryana Police to find this woman. He hasn’t been home for weeks, we only get to talk to him over the phone or see him on TV every evening giving details of the progress made in this search operation. I request everyone in the country to please find this Honeypreet so that my children can reunite with their father.”

Meanwhile, Haryana Police is planning to announce a sequel to MSG films in an attempt to get Honeypreet out in the open. “Surely she won’t let anyone else make a sequel to their masterpiece films, once we announce the film, she will have to come out in the open to oppose it”, a Haryana Police official said.