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Pledge your vote to BJP or I broadcast Avengers spoilers on Doordarshan tonight at 8 PM: Narendra Modi

25, Apr 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Known for shocking the country at 8 PM, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has issued a warning for another shock at one of his rallies today in Darbhanga, Bihar. Speaking at a huge rally, PM Modi said that everyone above the age of 18 should pledge their vote for BJP on NAMO App else he is going to reveal every spoiler from Avengers Endgame live on National TV tonight at 8 PM. There are just few hours remaining for everyone to make the pledge before that.


While the crowd at the rally in Darbhanga couldn’t understand what Modi is talking about, the threat sent shock waves among Avengers fans online and people are now requesting everyone they know to make the pledge as soon as possible.

Speaking at the rally, PM Modi said, “Neta Ji Bose said, give him blood and he will give you freedom. I am saying, give me vote or I am giving you spoilers! And I am as serious as him about my promises. If you want development in the country then you have to pledge your votes to BJP or the spoilers are coming out a day before release in India. At least 51% of the total electorate should have pledged their votes to us by 8 PM tonight or the spoilers will be everywhere.”

Carrying on, Mr. Modi said, “One more thing, if people think they can pledge their votes online and then vote for some other party later on, then let me remind them that we have Amit Shah in our team. He records everything, he will know and then we will reveal spoilers for the next Marvel movie without any warning.”

Congress has raised objections over this threat but Election Commission of India is confused whether this comes under code of conduct or not, and they are discussing the issue with all senior bureaucrats to come to a decision.

Meanwhile, several people who are unaware of Avengers headed straight to the ATMs after hearing that PM Modi may do something at 8 PM tonight.