PM calls for donation from those who have in abundance, Abhishek promises to donate his free time

29, Apr 2020 By yogy

As the country finds itself fighting hard to flatten the curve, PM Modi in his effort to garner support, today interacted with bollywood celebs via videoconferencing.



PM expressed his gratitude towards many bollywood stars who previously donated to the PM Cares Fund. Which included stars like Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn


The online interaction saw many stars participate including A listers from the industry. Surprisingly, B and C listers were also part.


While speaking to the group PM said, “While the donations are welcome there is also a need for more the meet the ever increasing medical needs of the population. With that in mind, I would request those who have in abundance to share whatever they can with those who are facing scarcity. Your gesture will be appreciated. In fact I promise to come up with a Sunday task to express gratitude towards bollywood.”


Majority of the stars chose to donate money, while there were others who agreed to share whatever they had in excess.


Ajay Devgn said that he’d be donating packets of Vimal Paan Masala to cater to those who are currently out of stock.


Abhishek Bachchan too said that he excess free time and will be donating it to those who are short of it.


Abhishek also said that he had many CD’s of the movie Drona which he would also donate. “After the movie bombed and no one was ready to buy the CD’s, I bought them all and kept them in the basement of my house. It has filled the entire basement.