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PM Modi hails Bigg Boss for getting out-of-work actors on the show and thereby reducing unemployment numbers

30, Sep 2019 By @jurnoleast

While speaking at the IIT Madras convocation ceremony, PM Modi hailed reality show Bigg Boss for contributing to the economy by reducing unemployment numbers.

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After his speech when the forum was thrown open for questions, many concerned students asked pointed questions about the job scenario in the country. While trying to allay the fears of  anxious students, PM Modi praised the show for giving out of work actors an opportunity.

He pointed out how the reality has over the years tackled unemployment in its own unique way.

Main Bigg Boss show ka bohot aabhaari hoon jo unhone berozgaari ko samasya ho hal karne ka prayas kiya hai, ” he said during the address.

PM said that the show was a slap on the face of those predicting doomsday for Indian economy. He also remarked that more such shows are needed to tide over current slowdown.

The govt has been receiving a lot of flak for rising unemployment figures, which some tout as the worst in the last decade. But through this speech PM Modi assured that as long as there are shows like Bigg Boss, the isn’t much to worry about.

Sources revealed that PM Modi was keen on having people from different fields on the show and not just from showbiz.

A meeting between show producers and Govt officials could happen later this week to discuss the possibility of having engineers and IT workers on the show.