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PM Modi urges Nick and Priyanka to wed at a location to which he has not traveled yet

21, Aug 2018 By dasu

Mumbai: PM Modi skipped Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s roka ceremony being held at Priyanka’s home as well as the engagement party hosted at a push hotel in Mumbai.

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However, PM Modi has assured the couple he will definitely attend their marriage ceremony provided they do at a place which he has not seen during 40 plus foreign trips he has made since coming to power.

While wishing the couple, PM has told them to take a clue from Virat and Anushka who got married in a 800-year-old remote village called Borgo Finocchieto in some part of Italy last year.

“To make life easier for you, here is the list of places I have gone, you can ignore these ones. There are so many good places in the world, look for a new Borgo for your dream wedding,” said PM’s letter which was handed over to the couple at the engagement venue.

PM’s letter had an annexure section which mentioned the dates to be avoided as they might clash with forthcoming foreign trips as well probable state, municipal elections dates.

The newly engaged couple have not found a suitable date for their marriage, but Indian news channels have started speculating on the probable date citing their sources. They are asking their viewers as well as astrologers which day would be good for the couple.

Karan Johar who was at engagement party had one simple question for the couple. “Marriage date chodo, just tell me when you are planning to have kid, I have to make an entry in my stars launch diary. My life is not easy, I don’t have a script ready for Misha, Shahid and Mira without talking to me went ahead and planned second one. Give me a breather guys, there are too many in the queue” Karan told Priyanka.