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PM Modi’s ‘I strongly condemn’ is at least 10 times stronger than Manmohan Singh’s shows a research

28, Aug 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: Sometimes PM Modi is using similar vocabulary like earlier PM Dr. Manmohan Singh used to condemn terrorist attack or violence. Like he tweeted ‘I strongly condemn’ after Dera Sacha Sauda supporters created havoc in Haryana and some parts of Punjab after the CBI court judgement on DSS chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh came in.

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A recent study by Center for Political Research shows, PM Modi’s ‘I strongly condemn’ message is much more powerful and it has long lasting impact than Dr. Singh’s words.

While speaking to us Praveen B Mehta, the person behind the study said, “It is difficult to compare between various ‘condemnations’ that too from two prime ministers who worked in different situations. I took a dump of all comments made by both PMs in last decade. There are words like ‘Pained Beyond Words’ or ‘India will never get bogged down by such cowardly attacks & the evil designs of hate’ which were used in many cases, but for the time being I ignored them. I have limited my study to the words like ‘I condemn’ or ‘I strongly condemn’. Of course, the ones like ‘Kadi Ninda’ falls under ‘I Strongly condemn’ category.”

Mr. Mehta added, “It’s a complex formula, to understand the impact I looked at data like how many similar terrorist activities or violence did not happen after the ‘condemn’ statement came in. Here PM Modi is way ahead of Dr. Singh. Another interesting data I found during my research. It’s the number of times PM Modi who often criticized Dr. Singh in the past for using these words and doing nothing more has done exactly the same. Probably when he was in opposition he was not aware of the ‘power’ of these three words.”

Mr. Mehta during his conclusive remarks in the report has mentioned, “Though most of the terror groups, non-state actors as Pakistan calls them, Maoists, anti-social elements are afraid of these three words, they are taking necessary action to counter them. India might have to do much more than just using these three powerful words”.