Wednesday, 1st April, 2020


PM mulling a special 8pm address to the nation to explain difference between lockdown and curfew

26, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

Concerned over the growing confusion among the masses as to whether the country is under curfew or lock-down, PM Modi will now have another 8pm address to the nation to deal with the issue. This comes after many citizens rushed to nearby grocery stores looking for essentials.

While PM mentioned that the country will be under lock-down till 14th April, many citizens were under the impression that essential services too would be out of their reach for 3 weeks.

A Mumbai resident who stockpiled his house with vegetables and groceries for next 3 months said, “PM kept saying something about not venturing out of the house and drawing a Lakshman Rekha. I thought it was a curfew so I got all I could lay my hands on. Now my house looks like a grocery store.”

The special address is also to educate the police and other law enforcement officials. “Several cops were seen caning those who were on the streets and making them do sit-ups. In fact, a man who was en-route to see a orthopedic doctor for his back problem got it cured thanks to the whacking by cops,” said a Govt official.

Sources say beyond clearing the confusion, there is another reason why PM wants to address the nation; to ease the anxiety of people with heart condition.

A source close to the development said that many people with cardiac issues reported heightened stress and anxiety after hearing he PM say the words ‘aaj raat bara baje se’. In his latest address he hopes rely on better choice of words that doesn’t sound like a script of bollywood thriller movie.