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PMO clarifies no new expenditure, PM Modi did Nepal trip by using his frequent flyer loyalty points

14, May 2018 By dasu

New Delhi: There has been unnecessary hue and cry by opposition on PM’s foreign trips. When opposition says it’s a waste of taxpayers money, ruling party says it has helped in taking our bilateral relationship to another level.

“Part of the problem is people who speak like this do not have knowledge how much expenditure goes behind PM’s foreign visits. The recent trip PM did to Nepal, he did it by encashing the frequent flyer loyalty points he has accumulated in last couple of years,” said a PMO official without disclosing his identity.

“Mind you, PM does not use Maharaja flights only for foreign trips. In last couple years lot of assembly elections happened in important states like Gujrat, Assam, Punjab, UP and recently in Karnataka for which he had to make so many trips. Naturally he accumulates lot of loyalty points. What’s wrong if he uses these hard-earned loyalty points on these short trips to Nepal, Bhutan or Myanmar,” the official added.

After PM has returned from Nepal, his mobile airplane mode on/off toggle button has stopped working. The mobile manufacture says they had never anticipated someone will use this feature so many times, but they will rectify the problem before PM enters next flight.

In the meantime, PM is little bored with the monotonous work load. “He has looked in to list of state elections pending and confirmed forthcoming foreign visits. He is planning to ask Janata in this month Mann Ki Baat which will coincide with the 4th anniversary of our Government, what else he should focus in next one year,” said a senior BJP party secretary close to PM.