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Pokemon 2.0 launched in India; The game is to track down the hiding MLAs

02, Aug 2017 By RT

Bengaluru. After the spectacular success of the earlier version, Pokemon 2.0 has been launched in India, in the IT capital city and erstwhile Garden city, it is learnt by Faking News.

Gujarat Congress MLAs in Bengaluru

“We like political instability. Yes, we do. Once that is established, we are in demand. The same party leadership, which would make us wait for days before taking the interview for an MLA seat, now brings gin and tonic to our tables. Earlier, some leaders didn’t even know that we existed. Now, they are doing everything within their power to make sure we continue to exist and stick with the party,” an MLA, a.k.a. a Pokemon in the game, told Faking News from a resort in Bangalore, on the condition of anonymity.

“Politics is a serious business. It is all about investments and a calculated risk on returns. MLAs spent huge money on elections to get themselves elected. An outsider might think that, from the party’s corporate account, we provide loans to most of the MLAs who need financial assistance. It is wrong. Actually, MLAs pay a handsome amount to the party leadership for getting a seat. In some states, we openly auction for the MLA seats. Now that they are hiding, we have to play Pokemon to find the hot-spots,” a party leader from a prominent political outfit told Faking News.

“Pokemon 2.0 demands tireless effort and unparalleled wisdom to find them MLAs. Some MLAs are tough to track even for their own party leadership and the people from the constituency. Even the young generation voters and all time leaders of Pokemon, now find it extremely difficult to catch the whereabouts in Pokemon 2.0. KYM is the next toughest thing after trying to make fuel out of water. The game does include a few clues to help the players. However, the MLAs are disguised as luxury tourists and the game is very challenging, despite the clues,” said a political analyst.

With new games launched and ever-lasting political games being played, more and more MLAs across the states demand a 5 star vacation now, it is learnt by Faking News.