Police uses drone to find out kidnapped people in Bihar, Drone gets kidnapped

23, Apr 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Bihar has had a reputation for being the land of the kidnappers in the past. So many kidnappings have been reported year after year. Finally, the police found a unique way to find the kidnapped people by using drones.


But after just 5 minutes of take-off, the drone got kidnapped and the police are using another drone to find the location of the first drone.

The police are pretty sure that they will be able to trace the location of all the drones which are kidnapped, and once that is done they can then focus on finding the kidnapped people. Currently, due to the lockdown phase, the number of kidnappings in the country has reduced drastically and hence the task of the police is to find people who were kidnapped before the lockdown.

Bihar had the third-highest kidnapping and abduction cases across the country in 2018. Even the Bihar CM wants Bihar to come out of this image of being the kidnapping hotspot of the country and has promised to help the police will fund to buy more drones in the future too.