Police violating my fundamental right to get publicity: Unknown Bollywood actress slams cop action at protest venue 

07, Feb 2020 By @jurnoleast

A previously unheard of bollywood actress has lashed out at cops in Mumbai and accused them of violating fundamental rights for their action against anti-CAA protesters. The actress said that her right to seek publicity has been violated after cops took swift action against those assembled at the protest venue, denying the actress a chance to be on news channels.

Speaking to Faking News, the actress who didn’t wish to be named after the embarrassing episode, said, “Ek chance milta hai TV pe aane ka. And these cops have ruined that too. Not just that I had to put so much effort to get ready for the protest. I had to shop for an appropriate dress for the protest and then go to the parlor. The travel all the way to the venue in the maddening traffic was killing. Somehow managed to get a few TV cameras to look in my direction and the cops just whisked me away. That is not fair! My fundamental right to get publicity is violated.”

By her own admission, the aforementioned actress had visited every possible protest and gathering irrespective of the party, just to get her two minutes of fame. At times accosting news reporters present at the site in an effort to get noticed.

The actress also lamented the fact that her star-kids had ruined her chances in bollywood, leaving her with no other option than being part of protests. “These star-kids have ruined it for strugglers like me. Protests are the only way I can show my acting skills. This is like an audition.